We are a small agency and working non stop since 1997.

Me and my partner were and we are committed to the company. Our agency was first opened as self employed – Laguna, Mojca Kotnik s.p. and since 2010 as a company Laguna Izola d.o.o.

Our motto has been, and always will be: to provide services in a fair and transparent manner, to perform quality work in the field, to be a good business partner for room&apartment renters, businesses and our specialy to our costumers.

We have made the presentation as honest as possible and in particular: visual display as it is! Our imagea are not corrected. Vice versa. They are mostly homeowners so hardworking that they are making apartments nicer and better so become the images who need a refresh.

Slovenian coast is our hometown last 25.let. Izola is our city.

When you arrive, please ask what are you interested in. We will tell you where to buy homemade olive oil, where all the playgrounds are and the best butcher …. Where is Parenzana, a shortcut to the wild beach below the cliff Strunjan, a museum Parezana….

In 2005 we also become parents. Since then we know and we can give you even better advise about excoursions, apartments, playgrounds, museums…. and… you know … interesting things, that will give you 5 minutes of peace while the children are occupied 🙂

See you in Izola

Mojca & Laguna Izola team