Venice with boat trip

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a unique experience not to be missed


Free transfer

A free shuttle service to the harbor is available for all those who are on vacation. The transfers are organized from Ankaran, Koper, Izola (center, Simonov zaliv, Belvedere), Strunjan, Lucija and Portorož.


Visit one of the most fascinating, unique and romantic places in the world! The city of Venice has much to offer – history, architecture and culture, bustling main streets and squares as well as calm side alleys.

During the sailing to Venice, the guides will give you an insight into the to history of this wonderful city, the develpoment and fall of the Republic “Serenissima” and explain what is waiting for you upon arrival to the port. Once having entered the Venetian lagoon you will visit a completely different world to what you are used to. Canals are substitutes to roads where boats replace cars. Every island and building plays in important role in the mosaic of this rich city.

After a slow and scenic 45 minute sailing through the canals you will arrive to San Basilio (before 11:00) and as a group proceed to the city center.


The Venetian lagoon is composed of numerous small islands, which became inhabited millennium and half ago as population from the mainland was escaping from foreign invasions. Through the centuries the settlements grew to become the Serenissima, mighty Venetian Republic, which was ruling the Adriatic sea for thousand years. The city of Venice is today a popular destination to visit and explore its diverse neighborhoods, canals, narrow streets and bridges, with numerous grand palaces and monuments full of history.


TIME TABLE Departures every Saturday from Juni until 03. October, and Friday 01.May

From Piran 08,15 (Arrival at 11h), returning from Venice at 17,15 (Arrival 19,45)

Dates and Prices

Return ticket per person 76€

Children up to 3y - 7€, from 3 until 11,9y - 38€

Family packages
Package 1 adult + 1 child until 12y 104€
Package 2 adults + 1 child until 12y 180€
Package 3 adults + 1 child until 12y 256€
Package 1 adult + 2 children until 12y 180€
Package 2 adults + 2 children until 12y 208€
Package 3 adults + 2 children until 12y 286€
Package 1 adult + 3 children until 12y 160€
Package 2 adults + 3 children until 12y 236€
Package 3 adults + 3 children until 12y 312€


VIP salon                       30€ per person

Smaller sized pet          15€

Bicycle                             15€

One way ticket

Individual passangers 01.06.-30.06. and 01.09.-03.10. 69€
01.07.-31.08. 74€

Children until 2y - 5€, from 2-11,90y 46,50€