With LAGUNINA KARTICA ZVESTOBE - Laguna card you receive the following discounts:

TRAVEL AGENCY LAGUNA - LAGUNA IZOLA  3% discount on purchases of private rooms and apartments in Izola,

NO FEES for booking hotel accommodation, and in any other provision (Italy-apartments).  5% DISCOUNT ON EXCURSIONS that we offer in our agency

20% discount when buying wooden magnets and 3D puzzle

SLAŠČIČARNA JADRAN - on the sunny riverbank - BUY 4 - RECEIVE 5 ICE CREAM. For a quick meal you can order a croissant and white coffee for only € 1.70.

CVETLIČARNA "Mimi", Nada Jerman Čibej , Drevored 1, Maja - makes people happy with beautiful flowers and offer you 5% discount / cash payment.

Pet Store "RIVA", Koprska street 14, gives you a 5% discount on all products.

FISH MARKET "LEVANTE" - Izola city near hotel Marina / Veliki trg, 5% discount

BUTCHER SHOP ŠTAJNER - city/ near Riviera - beside fresh meat, they have very good chees, pate.... - 5% discount on cash payment

JEWELERY SHOP VAGAJA, Damajana Kričaj s.p., Ljubljanska 41, 10% discount on cash payment

FAST FOOD VENI - Postojnska ulica 2, Izola - breakfast, lunch, pizza, toasted sandwiches - good, warm and affordable - 10% discount on every purchase

SPORTS MANA - Manzioli Square 1, Izola - 10% discount on all items - textile trade for both children and adults, a swimming program

RESTAURANT KORAL, Pittonijeva 9 - 10% discount on every invoice - cash payment

RESTAURANT DORO - 10% discount applies to one party or one familyand others...