form an integral part of each contract or OFFER TO RESERVE ACCOMMODATION in Slovenian coast


Travellers may book accommodation in private premises and hotels via TURISTIČNA AGENCIJA LAGUNA (Laguna travel agency) or via any authorised agency in Slovenia. Where the booking is made directly, the client and Laguna may make an oral agreement (in the case of physical persons) on the price, location and dates of accommodation. On the basis of this agreement, Laguna tourist agency will send their offer with a transfer form for the payment of the 30% deposit. The reservation will be confirmed on receipt of the deposit and acceptance by the client of the Terms of Sale. The accommodation agreement co-signed by the client and Turistična Agencija Laguna acting as agent serves also as a confirmation of the reservation. Where the booking is being made by a legal person on behalf of the client, the order may also be placed by email or telefax, receipt of which must be confirmed by us. The client must supply all required information or documents required for the programme and must pay the deposit. Insofar as the client cannot come personally to the point of sale – business premises, an oral booking is also acceptable, the deposit being payable to our current account on receipt of the booking documents and bank transfer form. The reservation cannot be confirmed until the deposit has been received.


Where the client makes the booking by phone or internet the contract is concluded on acceptance of the credit card number or, if so agreed, upon receipt of payment by bank transfer. It is also agreed that the client has accepted the Terms of Sale when he/she orders tourist arrangements by telephone or via the internet. The client may be granted an option to purchase for a period – depending on the number of reservations and the date of departure – of from 2 to maximum 5 days. If the client has not paid by the expiry of this option-period it is understood that the client has renounced their holiday intentions.


A deposit of 30% of the cost of the arrangement – or other amount specified in the programme – is payable on booking. Unless otherwise specified in the offer, the remainder of the price is payable no later than 10 days prior to departure (for legal persons) or on the day of arrival for natural persons. It is also possible (by prior arrangement) to pay in monthly instalments up to the date of arrival.


Private accommodation: prices may be per person per night (private room) or for rental of an apartment per day The rental price includes bedding, two towels per person (changed weekly), and the cost of electricity, water and air conditioning (if the apartment is air conditioned). Obligatory supplementary costs: tourist tax and registration fee.

PRICES of accommodation are determined or confirmed on the day of reservation or booking. A price list is available in our office and on our website.


Clients may cancel their holiday. However, if a client cancels his arrangement, either orally or in writing, he must refund to TA LAGUNA administrative costs of EUR 25.00 per person covered by the booking or offer, together with any expenses caused by cancellation of the arrangement. The level of costs of cancellation will depend on the date at which notice of cancellation is given:

– more than 45 days prior to commencement : administrative costs 25€
– 45 days – 07 days prior to commencement : up to 100% of the 30% deposit already paid
– 06-00 days befor arrival – we don’t return the received payments unless we sell acomodaton for the same date and the same price. In this case we return the payment minus admistrative cost 25€.

The date of the reservation is confirmed by paying the deposit and cannot subsequently be changed, insofar as the apartment has already been reserved by others (before or after the client’s reservation) however, the client may request a transfer to another apartment which is available on that day, insofar as this is possible. If, however, no other accommodation is available for the desired period and the client wishes to cancel the reservation, the normal cancellation fees will be applicable. Amendments to the reservation may be made up to 20 days prior to arrival. There is no charge for changing the reservation.
On the day of arrival or during the accommodation period, 100% of the rental cost. If the consumer decides to shorten his holiday he cannot claim a refund for the unused nights, he may however claim a refund of the Tourist Tax for the unused nights. If a holidaymaker is unable to avail of the accommodation reserved, he may transfer his reservation to another consumer who meets the conditions provided for in the reservation concerned. Laguna should be informed of such a change no later than 2 days prior to commencement of the holiday period.

Emergency situation like COVID-19

If the reservation is made for the  arrival and departure dates when there is an emergency or preventive measures (closing borders, socializing, closed accommodation units), the reservation is fully refunded. Reservations can be moved FREE of charge to later dates, change must be reported no later than 20 days before arrival or departure. in accordance with an emergency.

WE RECOMMEND ALL OUR GUESTS TO INSURE THEMSELVES against sickness, accident or the death of close relatives (spouse, parents, children). Independent of the level of payment received, TA LAGUNA reserves the right, in case of cancellation, to retain or be refunded administrative costs amounting to EUR 25.00 per reservation/voucher.


If, for unavoidable reasons/acts of God the owner of the accommodation cancels the booking, or if due to some other unforeseen circumstance, the accommodation reserved by the client is not available for the period in question, Agencija Laguna undertakes to lodge the client in accommodation of the same category or, in consultation with the client, in some other accommodation (if it is of a lower category the difference in rent will be refunded).

ORGANIZER’S OBLIGATIONS : An organizer should represent the rights and wishes of guests and ensure full and correct fulfilment of the services mentioned in the description of any accommodation.

COMPLAINTS in case of defective services or services of insufficient quality, complaints must be notified immediately to the agency or directly to the supplier of services. If the cause of the complaint cannot be corrected, then the guest must submit a written claim while still on the spot, and this must be verified by the agency’s representative. Agencija Laguna will consider only complaints which are verified on the spot, the guest must make their final claim for compensation in writing no later than two months after the end of the holiday period, through the point of sale from which they made their booking. The Laguna Tourist Agency shall reply to their letter within 8 days of receiving the complaint. Until a reply is issued by the organizer, the guest waives the right to inform any other party, court of law or public information service. In cases in which a substantive complaint has been resolved immediately, or if the guest has not notified the error on the spot, it is understood that the guest accepts the shortcoming and thus forfeits the right to submit a claim at a later date. Complaints must be justified. Compensation may not exceed the sums paid for the arrangement.

This contract is governed by the law of Slovenia. The competent court is in Koper.


The information sheet which is given to clients at the point of sale cannot increase the obligations of the organizers beyond those described in the programme or offer. In case of doubt, it is the published written information which is applicable.

THE TERMS OF SALE of Turistična Agencija Laguna are an integral part of any contract concluded between LAGUNA IZOLA d.o.o. and the client who books a particular tourist arrangement. As regards sales by telephone or via the internet, the client undertakes to agree to the terms of sale when they place an order for the arrangement by telephone or via the internet. The Terms of sale may also be consulted on our website :

Our terms of sale are an integral part of all programmes and may be consulted at all our points of sale.

Mojca Kotnik
Laguna Izola d.o.o.
Izola, 12.03.2020